The MICO CORBA Component Project

(Alcatel + FPX)

Welcome to the MicoCCM home page.

Now available: The
Assembly and Deployment Toolkit


The MicoCCM project started in October 2000. Sponsored by Alcatel and implemented by FPX, the MicoCCM project intends to provide a reference implementation of the CORBA Component Model - the major new part of the upcoming CORBA 3 standard - based on the solid foundations of the Open Source ORB Mico.

All of the work on the MicoCCM project is available as Open Source, either as part of the Mico distribution itself or from this site.


MicoCCM is complete with respect to the planned functionality: full support for extended service and session components. This includes

All features are in sync with the official OMG specifications.



MicoCCM is part of the Mico project, so you can get MicoCCM by downloading Mico from its homepage.


Follow the usual Mico configuration and installation instructions. There is an --enable-ccm configuration switch that you must set upon running ./configure.


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