Vote Bombing

The counter was reset to zero on July 15. In March 1996, someone bombed the vote counter with a script that submitted top votes for "Saludos Amigos" over and over again, until he was so satisfied that he sent 40 (!) identical copies of the following mail:

We have nailed your Disney Voting page.
Saludos Amigos is now the best movie!!!!!
There's nothing you can do to stop us!!!!
And don't try to change it back - we know your
street adress.
Word is Baun!!!!!!
Palabra es Baun!!!!!!!
Parola e Baun!!!!!!
Get 'em Saludos Amigos!!!!!!!!!
Buscalos Saludos Amigos!!!!!!!!!!!
Prendeteli Saudos Amigos!!!!!!!!!
Peace Out

Another mail that was sent to me anonymously, but coming from the same university host, was even more annoying:

well i can see you like disney. that`s very interesting. most people are over disney by the time they are seven or eight. of course,some retards continue to love the animated characters until they are in adolescence. an adolescent like you mr.p. i know where you live frank. frank this isn`t a joke. i know what you look like as well. i bet you think you`re quite sexy. i won`t say anything about that frank. frank do you know what kind of information people can get about other people over the internet. frank it`s amazing. it really is. for you`re sake i hope saludos amigos winds up first in the movie voting for the year. frank. it`s in your best interest frank. viva la saludos amigos.

There was another set of emails a couple of days later, which probably shouldn't be reproduced here.

I hope it won't happen again. Play fair.

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