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We're here to help you! If you want to know anything about Disney, be it about Features, Videos, Laserdiscs, Theme Parks or any general topic, this is one place to ask. The other place would be the rec.arts.disney newsgroups:

All Disney animated movies and short subjects, past, present, and future, whether released theatrically, televised or on video. This includes but is not limited to discussion of studios, voice actors, animators, and writers. For discussion of derivative works, such as ice shows and stage plays. For any and all other matters relating to the animated works.
Frequently Asked Questions files, including newsgroup FAQs, theme park FAQs, and Internet resource lists. No discussion will be allowed. Other articles may be posted at the moderator's discretion, providing they are informational in nature, are publicly distributable and have come from confirmed sources.
Discussion relating to merchandise sold by the Disney Company. This includes and is not limited to software, toys, commemorative items, cels, artwork, collectibles, music, books, and multimedia titles. This group would serve as an area for people wanting to sell or wanting to buy any Disney-related item. Also for discussion of Disneyana, conventions, mass-market merchandising and the Disney Stores. Blatant and/or off-topic advertising is inappropriate and will be discouraged.
For general Disney discussion and topics that don't fall into any of the other categories. This newsgroup would replace the existing rec.arts.disney newsgroup.
Discussion of all Disney parks, restaurants, attractions, and resorts of the past, present and future, including, but not limited to, the Walt Disney World properties, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

There are also certain FAQ files available that might solve some of your problems. If they don't, just ask us, the RAD Hosts. You can do that simply by entering your question in the text area below, select your favourite host and submit the form. We will get back to you.

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