A Note from the Author

I'm afraid I haven't updated these pages for a long time. Not just that my Disney fanship has slightly faded. I still enjoy Disney's animated features and collect them on video, but in my opinion, they have lost some of their original spirit. When examining their last couple of movies, they look more and more formula-driven. For example, look at their trailers with their constant refrains "share the fun, the magic, the romance", and "dozens of new lovable Disney characters" -- which are incidentally just now available in Disney stores everywhere.

In recent years, more than ever before, Disney has grown into a media and merchandising giant that the animated features are but a small part of. So my earlier enthusiasm about everything Disney has cooled into a silent enjoyment of their features.

But that's not the only reason. When I founded these pages, I was a young student with a lot of free time on my hands. And in 1993, the Web was in its infancies, and the number of Disney-related Web sites could be counted by using both hands and feet. Why, my Web page even predates Disney's own by one or two years. With some bubbling enthusiasm and encouragement from others, you could achieve an enjoyable "Web presence" with little effort.

Look at what has happened since then -- just downloading all Web pages on which Disney is mentioned would be a fulltime job, and even the more interesting, actively maintained fan pages number in the hundreds. To make pages stand out is not just a one-time job, but means to continually collect information, and to regularly update the site. However, I now have a lot of other projects on my mind, and other hobbies to take care of.

I will try to keep my pages up-to-date, especially the list of animated features, which I think is still unique, and I will continue to support the lists of lyrics and scripts, but I do not have the time to actively expand my pages beyond that.

Frank Pilhofer, January 1998

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